5 ways to make money in the gaming industry

5 ways to make money in the gaming industry

Video games are one great way to relax and have fun. It is one of my best recreational activities. The amazing thing about video games is that it encourages hard work. Might sound funny but nobody wants to lose, hence hard work is needed to achieve that. This in turn changes your perspective about life and you get to apply hard work in every other aspect of life. Click here!

What if I told you that you can enjoy playing your game and still get paid? Yes! There are various ways to achieve that. In this article, we are going to be listing five of those ways to help you play and gain.

Video game testers

This is a very cool way to earn in the gaming industry. You can get paid to test games by game developers. These game developers will usually pay expert game players to test their games for bugs.

Apart from detecting bugs, the game players are also expected to rate the game and give suggestions for improvement. This is a great way to test your gaming abilities. Want to hear something interesting? The estimated pay per year for game testers is $67, 813.

Engage in tournaments

This is another fun way to game earn. Some competitive game tournaments like fort nite and call of duty have pay for winners of tournaments.

The downside to this is that you have to be an expert in the game to earn. Basic knowledge of the game might not land you a pay. The estimated pay per year is around $300,000.

Develop your games

This is a great way to earn from the gaming industry. By developing your own game, you become an entrepreneur. Develop your  games and make money through online game sales.

The developer of Minecraft, Markus persson, made a whopping sum of $2.5 billion from selling his game to Microsoft. It could be you too, you just need the right game idea. Click here for more information: https://www.flairpromo.com/10-ways-for-students-to-earn-money/

Start a YouTube channel for games

YouTube is one great app that anyone can earn from, including gamers. All you need to do is gain a good number of followers.

To achieve that, make sure that your channel is engaging. People are more likely to revisit your channel if you are interesting. In 2017, a game YouTuber made $12 million from YouTube with just video game commentary.

Become a streamer on twitch

On twitch, viewers get to watch gamers play video games. To get paid on twitch, you need to become a twitch partner. To become a twitch partner, you need to be forthcoming with the amount of time you spend on the platform and your number of followers.


Next time your parents get angry that you spend so much time with your game console, you can boldly tell them that you earn from it. By the time you are done explaining the process, I am sure they would let you off the hook.

The tips listed above to earn from gaming are just a few. There are other amazing ways to earn from gaming. Do not be afraid to try one of the ways today. Remember that no pain, no gain. You are a gamer, you will have to persevere until the greens start rolling in.

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